Ergao Dance Production Group

Ergao Dance Production Group was founded by dancer/choreographer ErGao in Guangzhou, China, in 2007. The group includes dance production and a dance center, with a focus on dance theatre, dance film, community art and dance education.

-Ergao Production 

Ergao Dance Production Group’s dance production work prioritizes dance theatre, dance film and community art; at its‘core’, the body is the site of artistic investigation and the primary medium of work. The work uses diverse strategies to explore Chinese social and cultural identities, sex, gender and other topics.

Our works have been invited to be performed in various art festivals throughout the world:PolandWarsaw Zawirowania Art Festival,CINE CORPS Dance Film Festival France,Beijing Crossing Festival, COART Festival, STOFF Sweden,the Light Moves Festival of Screendance in Limeric, Dance Wave Fukuoka 2008, Guangdong Dance Festival,Wuzhen Theatre Festival,Gender Bender Festivel Italy, HongKong arts Festival,POOL17-Internationales TanzFilmFestival Berlin,etc.

-Ergao Dance Center 

Established in 2014, is an educational center for teaching and training dance. It is a platform designed not only for students, but also for visiting artists, collaboration groups and other commercial partners to communicate and produce new work. With the hope to build connections between different domains of the society, the dance center focuses on cultivating the non-professional dancers in terms of their interest in dance and creativity in general. Inside the Ergao Dance Center, “anyone can be a dancer”. 

Between 2008 and 2012, ErGao was invited to participate in multiple projects in collaboration with international dance companies and dance festivals, including Rubatu Tanz Company (Germany), Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser (Germany), Limitrof Company (France), Emio Greco | PC (Holland). 

After 2012, ErGao accepted multiple commissions from different arts organizations and art festivals, including Ibsen International (Norway), Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Jumping Frames Dance Film Festival, Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, Guangdong Modern Dance Company, DPAC Dance Company (Malaysia), Hong Kong Dance Art, Guangdong Times Museum, Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum and other organizations. In recent years, ErGao has proactively pursued dance education work, hosting lectures, workshops and other events at China Academy of Art, Guangzhou Academy of Art, Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhejiang University, DPAC Dance Company (Malaysia), LDTX Dance Company (Beijing) and other institutions. In 2015, German’s “Deutsche Welle” named Ergao “one of the bright stars of contemporary dance in China”. 

-Artistic Director:ErGao

Multi-media dancer/choreographer whose work uses dance, film, installation and other creative strategies. Graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

ErGao founded ErGao Dance Production Group (EDPG) in 2007 in Guangzhou, with a focus on dance theatre, dance film, community art and dance education. His productions continuously see the body as the primary medium of work and the site of artistic investigation, using diverse strategies to explore Chinese social and cultural identities, sex, gender and other topics. 

-Managing Director

Pan Xiong

Planner,producer,and partner of Ergao Dance Production Group.Pan earned his BA in economics from Fujian Normal University and MA in IMC in University of Hong Kong.Pan has been doing brand jobs at advertising,media,and transnational business organisations for several years. Pan started art production works in 2014, planned and produced the Jellyfish independent dancers plan, including theatre performances, workshops, and exhibitions, Yumiko Yoshioka’s <Dancing Workshop in the Mountain>, and Disco-Danny workshop etc. Pan is also the producer of TV programme <Super Q baby> and the executive producer of Er Gao<Everyday dance movement><Disco-teca><Limb Clock> etc.

-Dance Center Manager

Zhong Chu Qian

She earned her BA in national economic law from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. QIAN had doing brand jobs at 4A advertising company for 4 years, which had served different client like Hong Kong Disney and P&G etc. Qian officially join EDPG at 2017, in charge of the running of Ergao Dance Center. Focus on dance education. Build up the dance growing path of professional and non-professional dancer. Plan artist sharing salon, dance workshop, daily dance class and so on.

-Dance Center Specialist

Huang Qijing

being good at Chinese,English,Spanish and Canton ,has just graduated from TamKang University in Taiwan.
Has been responsible for different work as performancer,director and majordomo in TamKang Experimental Troupe which own over 30-years history.
When she is back to Guangzhou, has organized diverse kinds of art activities,exhibition,courses as assistant of a independent curator.
Fascinated by Ergao Dance Production Group after attended in <Square of Dancer2016>, she join in the group ?in 2017 and hope to create more interesting with others.

-Trainee dancer/Dance teacher

Liu Xuan

Liu is receiving education in dance program in South China University of Technology. In 2018, she joined in Ergao Dance Production Group, became an trainee dancer and started to focus on dance education. As a dancer, Liu had experience in working with various artists, such as Ergao, Liu Qingyu, Wu hui and so on, participating a range of productions, including AIDA, DISCO-TECA, Dimsum Hour, A Person's Karaoke, Fruit, Fruit and Who's Lucy, which were performed in Guangzhou Grand Theatre, WFF Festival, Watermelon Theatre, OCT Art&Design Gallery and the Second Wuxing Fundraiser respectively. In 2017, Liu cooperated with Tian Lixia and choreographed Contradictory, which was performed in the 14th Guangdong Dance Festival Dance Maker.